Though his lone bit of mainstream cred came from a feature on the Tony Hawk’s Underground video game in 2003, Los Angeles-based, Epitaph Records-signed MC Busdriver’s experimental, electro-rap streak lasts over a decade. Though at times his delivery is stylistically syncopated, just as often the lines are desperately exclaimed as if they’re on the verge of disappearing. And the beats come off as equally frantic, combining for a bizarre experience that lies so far outside the realm of mainstream rap it appeals to listeners who would otherwise steer clear of hip-hop entirely. With lyrics raining down in torrents, it may take a few listens to piece together all the pop-culture references and out-there rhymes—but that’s part of Busdriver’s appeal. With Dark Time Sunshine, Katie Kate, Night Fox, DJ Swervewon. NICK FELDMAN

Thu., Feb. 10, 8 p.m., 2011

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