Gun Outfit

Gun Outfit are from just down the road in Olympia, but the trio keeps low enough of a profile locally that you’d be forgiven for not knowing them. Even if you are familiar, you might have missed the fact that they released a new album last year (I am, and did). Well, to catch up: New album Possession Sound finds the band expanding on the Dino Jr./Eric’s Trip-indebted indie rock of their debut, Dim Light, to great effect. The vocal interplay between Dylan Sharp’s disaffected monotone and Caroline Keith’s airy singing still drives the band, as do their intertwining guitar figures, played clean and bright and slightly twangy. But Possession Sound sees them stretching out from the uniformity of their debut to indulge in songs like the spacey, lo-fi psych reverie of “Phaedra” and the near country balladry of “Last Chants.” No better time to get to know Gun Outfit than right now. With Nodzzz, Ziskis. ERIC GRANDY

Fri., Feb. 25, 10 p.m., 2011

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