Star Slinger

Manchester producer Star Slinger debuted with “Elisabeth Frasier,” a track which radically reworked Cocteau Twins’ “Heaven or Las Vegas,” pitch-shifting the eponymous singer and stretching her gauzy vocals out over a skipping, Dilla-esque digital boom bap. On his Rogue Cho Pa EP, the Slinger continues to make fine work of slicing familiar vocal samples into shiny glossolalia over thick beats, bass, and glittering synthesizers. His Soundcloud page helpfully labels “Do It Myself” as “(NSFW),” but a downloaded MP3 surprised with its break of orgiastic moaning. Fun stuff. Headlining is LA’s Baths (aka Will Wisenfeld, also of ambient project Geotic), who makes bedroom-crafted electronica that’s not only warm and immersive (get it?) on headphones but with beats robust enough to rock LA bass music hotspot Low End Theory. With Braids, Gobble Gobble. ERIC GRANDY

Tue., March 1, 8 p.m., 2011

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