The dream of the '90s is alive in Ballard with the arrival of Versus, a Merge-stabled collection of vintage '90s NYC indie-rockers. Unimpeded by so much as a cutesy wink of irony, when Richard Baluyut handles lead vocals, Versus sounds like the Pixies fronted by Trey Anastasio, only with cleaner, more textured harmonies. When Fontaine Toups sings, they sound kind of like a less-distorted version of the Breeders. But what makes Versus unique is that its lineup includes a violinist, the ginger-locked Margaret White, who's toured with Sparklehorse and Cat Power, among others, and was once a member of Seattle's Ghosts I've Met. While in that band, she met multi-instrumentalist Joe Seely, with whom she will tie the knot in October during a wooded ceremony in North Carolina. In that instant, she will become the sister-in-law of the editor of Seattle Weekly. But that's not why we're writing about this show. With Sister Wife. MIKE SEELY

Sat., Feb. 26, 10 p.m., 2011

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