Cahalen Morrison & Eli West

It's really, really en vogue for Seattle bands to incorporate undertones of Appalachian folk into their sound right now. So prevalent is all this hand-clapping, lyrical purity and earnest harmonizing by otherwise polished musicians that a backlash might soon be in the offing. That said, it's tough to take much issue with Cahalen Morrison & Eli West. Their music is true bluegrass that'll thrill aficionados but is unlikely to hold much mass appeal. The odds of their opening for Dave Matthews or Vampire Weekend anytime soon are virtually nil. But the odds of them making you wish you were in a sunny meadow with no shoes on your feet and a jug of moonshine at your campsite are outstanding. With Squirrel Butter, Ben Gilmer & the Sidearms. MIKE SEELY

Thu., March 3, 9 p.m., 2011

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