If you're looking for the perfect soundtrack to that Miami Vice-themed boat cruise that you're planning, Destroyer's newest release, Kaputt, is ready for pleasure cruise play. Main Destroyer (and wild card New Pornographer) Dan Bejar's previous catalog is full of ramshackle chamber-pop and folky mopes; Kaputt could very well be an ushering moment in the new romantic/yacht rock revival, sounding as if it was recorded on a yacht floating slowly through a neon-shrouded harbor in the middle of some serious wine spritzer binges. While Destroyer's scattershot subject matter remains cryptic and evasive as ever, Bejar has upped the smooth factor in his songs, sounding more relaxed (looking your general direction, Riunite on ice) and focused than ever atop lush beds of chorus-laden guitar, drum machines, and straight-faced sexy sax solos. With The War on Drugs, Yuni In Taxco. GREGORY FRANKLIN

Fri., March 18, 8 p.m., 2011

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