Decibel, Seattle’s world-class annual festival of electronic music, has been having such a busy off-season presenting shows that even when one UK bass music tour cancels—as did this week’s scheduled Night Slugs showcase—another one is just around the corner the same week. Bok Bok’s loss is Headhunter’s gain, then, as tonight the Bristol-based dubstep producer comes to Seattle on a bill co-presented by similarly hard-working local DJ/producer Ill Cosby’s Car Crash Set label. Headhunter’s tracks do that lumbering, low, half-time dubstep wobble with subdued flair and with plenty of breathing room for bits of melody or echoing vocal samples to waft through. He also makes more uptempo tracks inspired by Chicago juke music under the alias Addison Groove, taking that style’s repetitive cut-up vocals and airing them out over classic, jacking drum machine patterns and relatively moody synths—so if the party wants to take it there, he’ll be ready. With 214, Ill Cosby. ERIC GRANDY

Fri., March 18, 9 p.m., 2011

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