John Atkins

What else can we say about John Atkins? The uniquely affable and talented musician has had one of the most artistically successful and storied careers anyone could have in this town without moving to Portland or Brooklyn. As a member of 764-Hero, Hush Harbor, Magic Magicians, and The Can’t See, Atkins makes indie music that reminds you of why you listened to it in the first place. His lyrics are brilliant-yet-nonchalant. His melodies are catchy but not saccharine. And the fact that he has seemingly zero interest in chasing the spotlight gives his music that purity we all secretly want from our art (and good luck trying to hear Atkins on the Interweb). Matter of fact, if I were a musician today hearing Atkins’ music for the first time, I would probably just give up. Either that, or just shut off my computer, pick up my guitar, and work that much harder on living life and making great songs. With See Me River, S. BRIAN J. BARR

Thu., March 17, 8 p.m., 2011

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