Max Tundra

This week’s pair of Girl Talk shows at the Showbox SoDo have been sold-out forever, but if you’ve already got your ticket to Gregg Gillis’ dance party, be sure to show up early enough to catch opener Max Tundra. The British musician (real name Ben Jacobs) shares with Girl Talk a keen ear for pop hooks and a hyperactive, cut-up style, but where Girl Talk stitches together the best bits of other people’s songs via laptop, Max Tundra assembles his originals while leaping from keyboard to synthesizer to microphone to guitar and back. The resulting songs are quirky, deliriously fractured pop gems. With Girl Talk, you go into the show already knowing every hook--that’s kind of the point. With Max Tundra, you might just leave with a few new ones stuck in your head. Oh, and one more thing they have in common--wicked goofy dance moves. With Girl Talk, Junk Culture. ERIC GRANDY.

Wed., March 16, 7 p.m., 2011

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