The Ex

At an all-ages Seattle show at DV8 back in 1999, Fugazi frontman Ian McKaye lavished praise upon opening band the Ex, noting that the Dutch anarchist band was currently celebrating its twenty year anniversary. A young man in the crowd named James Keblas became friendly with the Ex after the show, and the band in turn introduced him to Peter Weening, founder of the original Vera in Groningen, Netherlands. Keblas began volunteering at Vera Groningen during his studies abroad, dreaming of building a similar institution back in Seattle. Twelve years later, Keblas is Director of the MayorÂ’s Office of Film + Music, Seattle has its own thriving Vera Project, and the Ex are still making challenging, percussive-heavy art rendered in the spirit of punk rock that originally inspired this great chain of events. HANNAH LEVIN

Wed., March 16, 7:30 p.m., 2011

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