The LA quartet Warpaint—guitarists Emily Kokal and Theresa Waynan, bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg and drummer Stella Mozgawa—released their debut album, The Fool, late last year to deservedly glowing reviews. Listening to the record is like swimming in dark water, or wandering through fog—the music is a miasma of moody guitars, droning vocals (all four girls sing), and murky melodies. A peppy Ronettes-style girl group they are not—maybe more like the Dum Dum Girls on Ambien. The haziness shouldn’t be mistaken for indifference, though—The Fool is filled with moments of beautiful pathos, as on the devastatingly poignant lead single “Undertow.” Guitars gloomily strum, the drumbeats are muted, barely audible, and the girls sing and plead, “Why you wanna blame me for your troubles?” With PVT, Family Band. ERIN K. THOMPSON

Sun., March 20, 8 p.m., 2011

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