Erich Gliebe of The National Alliance: "White People Agree With Us"

The neo-Nazi linked to the foiled Spokane bombing speaks.

Good news, everyone! According to Erich Gliebe, head of a separatist group with ties to a foiled bomb plot in Spokane, things are going swimmingly for white people who hate nonwhite people. "In the last two years there's been an awaking of a sleeping giant in our race," Gliebe says, by phone, of our new, post-Obama America. "The vast majority of white Americans agree with our message. They would prefer to live in a white neighborhood and send their kids to a white school and make sure they marry another white person." Why does Gliebe, a suit-and-tie-wearing neo-Nazi who once boxed under the name "The Aryan Barbarian," sound so defensive? Well, for starters, demographic data shows that if America continues melting other nationalities into its pot at the current rate, it will be only a half-century before professional victims like him can accurately claim wounded-minority status. Gliebe, however, is also back on his heels because his group, The National Alliance, has been linked to a substantial alleged hate crime. Last Wednesday, former Joint Base Lewis-McChord soldier Kevin Harpham, 36, was arrested and charged with planting a backpack bomb full of shrapnel and rat poison on Spokane's Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade route. The Southern Poverty Law Center says that Harpham was a member of Gliebe's National Alliance until 2004. Yet Gliebe is shying away from his connection to Harpham, claiming he was never a dues-paying member. "Why won't they stop trying to link us to [Harpham]?" he says, doing his best to sound unjustly persecuted. This from a guy whose organization is proud of the influence it reportedly had over Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. Which makes you wonder: If things in white America are going so well, why is its spokesman so touchy?

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