Con Air

Fuck yeah! Nicolas Cage wears a long-tressed hairpiece while playing some kind of do-gooder/wrongfully imprisoned ex-Army Ranger trapped aboard a plane full of murderous prisoners. Shit blows up. John Cusack (the cop) looks worried. Guns are fired. John Malkovich (the criminal ringleader) looks pissed. More stuff blows up. Steve Buscemi (the psycho) looks like Steve Buscemi. What's not to like about this 1997 action flick? After we dispense with the plane, there's even a car chase through Vegas, where Cage once earned his Oscar. Even better, this is quote-along night, so don't be shy about yelling out the best lines. E.g., of Malkovich's whispering, reptilian character: "He killed more men than cancer." (R) BRIAN MILLER

Thu., March 31, 8 p.m., 2011

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