The Adventures of Robin Hood

This is one of Warner Brothers’ very best movies of the ’30s, and that’s saying something. In The Adventures of Robin Hood, Errol Flynn is suitably dashing, Olivia de Havilland suitably chaste, Basil Rathbone suitably evil, Alan Hale suitably jolly, and Claude Rains suitably, um, Claude Rains to make this rousing 1938 Technicolor adventure flick a perfect family film outing. The swordfights are thrilling, the horse chases exciting, and Flynn carries it all off with signature panache and good cheer. Don’t you miss the days when heroes were actually cheerful and unconflicted about being heroic? When did every guy with a sword or gun have to become Hamlet? And the script is downright witty. Says Marion to Robin, “Why, you speak treason!” “Fluently,” he replies. (NR) BRIAN MILLER

April 1-3, 7 p.m., 2011

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