John Keister

In supermarket checkout-stand magazines like People and Us Weekly, there's always a section along the lines of “Stars: They're Just Like Us!” Which, of course, they most definitely aren't—only the most ridiculously egotistical celebrity (we're lookin' at you, J-Lo!) would have a domestic servant wipe her nose or go jogging on her behalf. But former Almost Live! host John Keister actually is quite a bit like us. He buys his Kleenex at the same Safeway where you shop, wears grass-stained Nikes, commutes via public transit, earns his keep as a schoolteacher, and even does some demo work for his girlfriend's restaurant design enterprise. During its 1984-99 run on KING TV, Almost Live! didn't make Keister rich, but he remains a revered figure among the young(ish) People's Republic of Komedy comics who put together the weekly Laff Hole showcase. Tonight, Keister—who still regularly performs standup—will recreate much of the beloved show onstage, where he'll be joined by some of the “Lame List” dudes and Pat Cashman's son Chris, of “Sluggy” fame. He'll also deliver a contemporary version of “The John Report” and potentially slap high-fives with some white guys in the crowd, depending on how drunk they get. (21 and over.) MIKE SEELY

Wed., April 6, 9 p.m., 2011

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