My Time With the Lady

As squeaky clean and PC as Seattle is today, it's easy to forget we were once a haven of Northwest smut, beginning in Skid Row days. Recalling the First Avenue institution The Lusty Lady (which closed last year), Ron Richardson's stage memoir considers whether a nightly eyeful of naked women is worth the hours of scraping dried semen off the peep-show glass. At a brisk 90 minutes, My Time With the Lady focuses mainly on the colorful co-workers Richardson encountered between 1987-92, before the demise of downtown's seedier side. He includes personal tidbits like his mother's heroin addiction, his Cobain-like, IBS-related stomach problems, and post-porn life at Wizards of the Coast (a different kind of fantasy emporium), but generally keeps Lady on a surface level. New to the stage, he has yet to acquire the actorly timing or delivery that would help punctuate his monologue (directed and co-written by SW contributor John Longenbaugh). However, the light and witty story, chock-full of dirty humor, makes up for its technical limitations. Also welcome in the show is dancer Kirsten Lauzon, whose pert nipples must spend time before curtain in an ice bucket. Her perfect, semi-nude figure is seen in silhouette, performing behind a screen, which adds a little extra, um, titillation, to what would otherwise be just a guy, however humorous, talking about naked ladies. MA'CHELL DUMA LAVASSAR

Thursdays-Saturdays, 8 p.m. Starts: April 7. Continues through April 30, 2011

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