Hipster rap has been one of the most divisive evolutions of the form in recent memory, alternately easily dismissible and vehemently backed, arguably rebellion for the sake of rebellion. And like a lot of groups in their art-school vein, Ninjasonik is responsible for their share of purposefully awful songs like “Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant” and “Tight Pants,” in which song titles effectively double as the entirety of the lyrics. But the Brooklyn trio offers more than a few glimpses of actual ability—especially from lead MC Telli. And rhyming over Matt And Kim’s “Daylight” or the “SuperPower” take on Kanye West’s omnipresent single, it’s clear that their love of skinny jeans, tattoos, plug earrings and PBR might be untouchable, but so is their grimy, punk-rock house-party energy. With Jasmine Soldano, BenniB. NICK FELDMAN

Tue., April 12, 8 p.m., 2011

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