The Lonely Forest

The Lonely Forest have spent the past six years blooming from the typical high school band trappings (age-centric awkwardness and uncertain confidence) into a band that produces the sort of unifying rock that made U2 and Coldplay the stadium fillers that even your mother knows. John Van Deusen's spine-tingling voice has an immediately captivating quality to it, and the band is now writing fully formed, textured rock epics that explode as gracefully as a synchronized fireworks display. Touring on their recently released major label debut, Arrows, the Lonely Forest's massive songs transcend the band's youth and project an infectious hunger and exuberance, landing perfectly in that median between being wearily jaded and cautiously optimistic about the world before them. With The Joy Formidable. GREGORY FRANKLIN

Tue., April 12, 8 p.m., 2011

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