Donnie Darko

Jake Gyllenhaal is currently starring in a time-travel hit of sorts (Source Code), which may bring new attention to this ominous, unsettling, lingeringly sad yet oddly affirmative 2001 sci-fi movie by Richard Kelly. It’s 1988 as the Darko family worries about middle child Donnie (Jake Gyllenhaal), who’s apparently a paranoid schizophrenic. Increasingly belligerent Donnie begins to look like one of those Columbine kids as he Xs off 28 days on his calendar till Halloween. Writer-director Kelly has some crude scores to settle in Donnie Darko, which is nonetheless a powerfully dystopic remix of John Hughes movies and Stephen King novels. It’s a dark mirror to the tortures of adolescence, when every kid feels the tug of insanity and the urge to right the world. This is the original cut of the movie, which screens at midnight. (R) BRIAN MILLER

Fri., April 22; Sat., April 23, 2011

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