At first glance, Portland synth-poppers Starfucker and Seattle rap crew Champagne Champagne might seem like unlikely allies for a West Coast tour, but in fact the two bands are like long lost soul brothers. Starfucker are an electronic rock act that take much inspiration from hip hop (see the modestly swagged out video for “Medicine” or their many interview mentions of Gucci Mane); Champagne Champagne are hip-hoppers with one firmly foot rooted in the electronic rock world (thanks to the live playing and productions of ex-Blood Bro Mark Gajadhar). And both bands bring a playful “fuck shit up” attitude to their live sets (Starfucker missed a couple shows at SXSW last month because one of their members was in jail, which might be taking the Gucci fandom a little too far). If you’re looking for a reckless dance party, these are your boys. ERIC GRANDY

Tue., April 26, 8 p.m., 2011

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