Sushi Chef Dream Team

The city is full of cheap sushi happy hours. But be honest: How many have left you disappointed? Sure, with all the $2 tuna rolls and $4 lychee martinis out there, it’s easy to feel that feel a tab exceeding $20 at a Japanese restaurant is too steep. But the harsh reality is that with sushi, you get what you pay for. For proof, look no farther than tonight's Sushi Chef Dream Team: a formal dinner (cocktail attire requested) featuring signature dishes and collaborations from the city’s most respected seafood slicers, including Hiro Kirita of Chiso, Shiro Kashiba of Shiro's, and Ryuichi Nakano of Kisaku, in addition to wine and sake offerings. The plates are sure to be presented artfully, using only the highest quality fish—meaning not a trace of that god-awful “fishy” taste. All the proceeds support Peace Wind’s relief efforts for the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan. So put your bargain sushi plans on hold this month and use the cash you save on this one experience. Chances are, you will never look back. (21 and over.) ERIKA HOBART

Thu., May 5, 6:30 p.m., 2011

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