Ultimate Dance Party With Richard J. Dalton

Outrageous behavior is encouraged at Neighbours. Just ask Richard J. Dalton, the popular C89.5 on-air personality who hosts the Ultimate Dance Party at the Capitol Hill club every Friday night. He typically rocks a feather boa and animal hat of some sort as he spins an eclectic mix of what he calls “hands-up techno”—guilty pop pleasures like Britney Spears and Cascada and fast-paced dance mash-ups sampling um, David Lee Roth. You need not be embarrassed to wave your freak flag and flail about to these jams. If you need further evidence: 13-year-old Rebecca Black’s “Friday”—which recently went viral on YouTube after being described by critics across the country as the worst song ever—is met with so much excitement from the crowd that it results in a mosh pit on the dance floor. ERIKA HOBART

Fridays, 10 p.m., 2009

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