Average Joe Cat Show

People who enter their cats in proper pussy pageants are to pets as the dude who carries a bag full of “irons” and “putters” on a Frisbee golf course. You're taking things way too seriously, people. No cat requires its own cushioned condo, puréed food, and five types of combs. And you just know these purebred pussies would get their asses kicked by more feral felines. But as revolting as these stage parents are, every cat lover who's taken a spin through one of these meow-offs has wondered how his or her tabby would stack up against Mr. Whiskers. Today's Average Joe Cat Show, a fundraiser for the no-kill sanctuary Purrfect Pals, is the ideal middle ground. You can carry your cat in to compete against fellow neighborhood toughs without having to suffer obnoxious “pros.” Speaking of obnoxious, you can actually enter your cat in the “most obnoxious” category. Other noteworthy classifications include “best one-eyed cat,” “loudest purr,” “monster cat (largest),” and, fittingly, “most average.” Rewarding mediocrity? What's not to love?! ($25 to enter your cat.) MIKE SEELY

Sat., May 14, 10 a.m.-3 p.m., 2011

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