Peter Bjorn and John

In a conversation about Swedish indie-pop trio Peter Bjorn and John,the helplessly catchy whistle of their 2006 smash hit “Young Folks” might serve as both entry and exit point. Like any successful musicians could be expected to, they tried to skirt a pigeonholing with the follow-up record Living Thing, chasing a colder sound to fly in the face of twee expectations. But with their recent sixth LP Gimme Some, PB&J makes a reach back to their sunshine vibe that is far more likely to please fans of the Writer’s Block era—even if it doesn’t capture the same glimmer of pop perfection. That’s not to say they were just a flash in the pan; on the contrary, they're happy to prove that indie bliss is possible even if the whistles are gone. With Bachelorette. NICK FELDMAN

Tue., May 10, 8 p.m., 2011

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