Something Borrowed: Kate Hudson Becomes Ever More Tiresome

Based on a 2005 work of chick literature by Emily Giffin, Something Borrowed is a tale of love and betrayal among New York City's young and affluent. Rachel and Darcy (Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson) are lifelong symbiotic BFFs. Normally, Rachel's the schoolmarm and Darcy's blonde and having more fun, but on the askew night of her 30th birthday party, Rachel goes for a nightcap with Darcy's fiancé, Dex (Colin Egglesfield), and they wake up in the same bed. (The Something Borrowed is, of course, the premise, embellished from a 1997 Julia Roberts vehicle.) Their transgression shakes loose an avalanche of flashbacks: Before Dex was Darcy's, he was Rachel's study-buddy at NYU Law, and it seems their flirty friendship stopped just shy of a hook-up. For the rest of the summer, spent between Manhattan and the Southampton rental, Rachel and Dex carry on and off, hesitating to drop the bomb on Darcy. Egglesfield has fine genes, but he's a limited actor, playing a character that requires a basic vulnerability to balance his caddishness and constipated decision-making. And it's no coincidence that Something Borrowed features lawyer protagonists; while making a pretense of being a comedy of modern sexual ethics, the movie never asks a hard question without an answer prepared in advance.

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