Found Footage Festival

For all its Camaros, feathered mullets, spandex pants, and sleeveless concert tees, Heavy Metal Parking Lot is more than just an amusing time capsule. Filmed outside a 1986 Judas Priest concert in Maryland, the 15-minute documentary is a crucial anthropological document of a universe where the tenets of sex, drugs, and rock 'n’ roll are sacrosanct, a place where all of life can be divided into that which rules (Priest, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Jack Daniels) and that which sucks (punk shit, Madonna). Co-directors John Heyn and Jeff Krulik let the camera do all the work, wisely ceding control to the frightening cast of revelers; you’re not likely to forget Zebra Boy or Gram O’ Dope (“They should make a joint so big that it reaches all the way across America and everybody could smoke it!”). In short, Heavy Metal Parking Lot rules! Fuckin’-A! (The film begins tonight's Found Footage Festival, whose curators, Joe Pickett and Dick Prueher, will attend and introduce their oddball discoveries.) (NR) PAUL FONTANA

Fri., May 20, 7 & 10 p.m., 2011

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