JEFF The Brotherhood

The Nashville guitar-and-drum duo JEFF The Brotherhood, who really are brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall, have been touring seemingly non-stop for the past few years. They recently returned from Moscow, where they played a sold-out VICE magazine party, before hurrying back to the U.S. to kick off their current transnational tour in support of their latest full-length, We Are The Champions. Of the album’s title, Jake Orrall told me during a recent phone conversation, “You can take it literally. We are the champions of our lives.” Songs like “Ripper” and “Shredder” sound like they’re titled—gloriously, riotously balls-out rock and roll. Previous JEFF songs have detailed drunken parties and ramblings, but Orrall advises listeners to pay less attention to his lyrics. “The type of rock music that we like to write, the singing is meant to be more rhythmic than anything, like another instrument,” he says. “It doesn’t really matter. Most famous rock lyrics are stupid.” With The Greenhornes, Stereo Sons. ERIN K. THOMPSON

Mon., May 16, 8 p.m., 2011

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