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Veteran funnyman John Keister is best known as the host of the iconic Seattle television show Almost Live!. During its run on KING TV (1984-99) and Comedy Central, Keister received ten Emmy Awards for writing and performing. In supermarket checkout-stand magazines like People and Us Weekly, there's always a section along the lines of “Stars: They're Just Like Us!” Which, of course, they most definitely aren't—only the most ridiculously egotistical celebrity (we're lookin' at you, J-Lo!) would have a domestic servant wipe her nose or go jogging on her behalf. But former Keister actually is quite a bit like us. He buys his Kleenex at the same Safeway where you shop, wears grass-stained Nikes, commutes via public transit, earns his keep as a schoolteacher, and even does some demo work for his girlfriend's restaurant design enterprise. All of which makes him a revered figure in Seattle comedy circles today. MIKE SEELY

Wed., May 18, 7:30 p.m., 2011

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