Awesome '80s Prom

With the exception of the prom king and queen, how many students actually enjoyed their senior prom? Looking back, most of us would say it’s an overrated evening plagued by bad fashion and personal choices. (E.g.: My dress was lime green; and my date back then, a major crush, is now in a relationship… with another man.) But the Awesome '80s Prom offers us a chance to do it bigger and better, to correct past mistakes and have some grown-up fun. The three-night party encourages attendees to don their most awesome '80s ensemble and groove to a DJ spinning tunes by the likes of Billy Ocean and Pat Benatar. Amongst the crowd will be actors playing various high-school stereotypes—like the head cheerleader and captain of the football team, so you can finally slow dance with someone at the top of the food chain. Maybe this time around, prom will live up to your expectations. (21 and over.) ERIKA HOBART

May 27-29, 8 p.m., 2011

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