Jimmy Eat World

While the heyday of emotive, melodic indie pop has seemingly peaked (seriously, how many more reunion tours of also-ran late 90's bands do we really need to see?), very few of those artists managed to dominate FM airwaves and define that genre as well as Jimmy Eat World. Quietly chugging along for nearly 18 years now, the Arizona quartet found their sound early and have been nothing if not consistent in their product: Jim Adkins' strong, sentimental vocals atop sweeping, concise rock anthems. Their most recent record (2010's Invented) finds the band mixing in more choppy, bleepy electronic elements in their songs, as well as finding new songwriting inspiration, basing most of the lyrical content of the record on character sketches derived from the photographs of Cindy Sherman and Hannah Starkey. With Kinch. GREGORY FRANKLIN

Fri., May 20, 7 p.m., 2011

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