Pure Ecstasy

The Austin trio Pure Ecstasy makes music that matches their name—it’s swooning, it’s heavy on the reverb; it’s ideal listening for droopy-eyed late nights and bleached-out early mornings; it’s inevitably going to get tossed into the unfairly overarching chillwave bucket. None of those should be reasons to pass over this promising young band, though—blissful singles like last year’s “Easy” and “Voices” (the band has yet to release a full-length, much to fans’ impatience) have palpable melodies, pleasantly jangling guitars, and robust basslines, and frontman Nate Grace sings with warmth and welcome. The music evokes less dead drone and haze than it does just utter serenity. With This Will Destroy You, Sleep Over. ERIN K. THOMPSON

Sat., May 21, 7:30 p.m., 2011

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