Strip, Strip Hooray!

Step right up, gents, for a little naughty entertainment! Ogle to your heart's content at pretty girls swaying and slinking down to their scanties! See baggy-pants comics make up in volume what they lack in humor! Don't mistake the titles being screened in the Strip, Strip Hooray! series for, well, actual movies. Filmed on the cheap for towns too small to get live burlesque shows, they're basically records of its postwar revival period, when the echoes of vaudeville were reduced to stripper acts and comedy shtick stale even by grindhouse standards. This is the real thing, where the strip ends at pasties and panties, and the best of the dancers put a little energy into the tease. The quality of talent and taste varies from program to program, but the bargain-basement 1954 Dream Follies (11 p.m. Sat) stands out as the weirdest of the bunch. Pre-fame Lenny Bruce scripts a bizarre framing story of sex-mad men who sneak out of the office to watch the anonymous parade of girls from behind stage doors and through telescopes (and walls, apparently). And in an uncredited appearance, Bruce does Hitler shtick and cream pie slapstick. Tawdry, cheap, and surreal. The retrospective begins tonight with B-Girl Rhapsody. (NR) SEAN AXMAKER

Fri., May 27, 7 & 9 p.m.; May 28-June 2, 2011

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