The Globes

Much is made of the Globes’ youth, but only because it makes the band’s songwriting abilities, instrumental proficiency and killer live show all the more impressive. Such maturity was evident on 2010’s Sinter Songs EP, and their upward trajectory continues with the recently released Future Self, a debut LP that immediately brings to mind the band’s more seasoned Barsuk label mates—one part Maps & Atlases’ off-kilter experimentation and another part Menomena’s warped pop sensibilities. It’s a record that, in spite of the band’s collective technical expertise, never feels overly cerebral or esoteric. Instead, it acts as a testament to the Globes’ ability to explore form and texture while still creating visceral, hard-hitting rock music. ANDREW GOSPE

Wed., May 18, 6 p.m., 2011

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