Anomie Belle

Piecing her name together from words meaning social unrest and a beautiful and charming woman, Seattle trip-hopper Anomie Belle has lofty aims echoing her view of music as a more powerful vehicle for education and enlightenment than classroom teachings. She’s not one to sit still either; after beginning her musical training as a violinist in Portland, the woman born Toby Campbell traveled throughout the US, Europe and South America before returning to the Pacific Northwest to focus on her downtempo persona. Meshing sultry vocals and moody instrumental programming, with a healthy amount of layering added to both, Anomie Belle tackles spectacle and alienation both lyrically and sonically. Following the selection of her song “How Can I Be Sure” for Xbox video game Alan Wake and HBO dramedy United States of Tara, Belle is celebrating the release of an EP by the same name—set to be quickly followed by her sophomore full-length The Crush this summer. With Cars and Trains, Hi-Life Soundsystem. NICK FELDMAN

Thu., May 26, 8 p.m., 2011

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