Biffy Clyro

If Mumford & Sons and Metallica had a baby who grew up in America listening to Weezer, then that would only begin to describe the grungy pop-punk infused alternative hard rock hybrid that is Biffy Clyro, the Scottish trio of guitarist and lead vocalist Simon Neil and twin brothers James and Ben Johnston on bass and drums, respectively. Each track across the threesome's five studio albums--most recently 2009's platinum selling Only Revolutions--meshes like hot and cold, switching between soft, open guitar strums and raspy bottom-of-the-belly yelling as Neil and company continue to build on the success of their eclectic roots. With 21 singles and numerous hits atop the UK's music charts (including "Mountains" and "That Golden RuleĀ”), Biffy Clyro's synchronized, heavily emotional and powerful performance is sure to become a UK staple in the States. With Hobosexual, Hounds of the Wild Hunt. JOE WILLIAMS

Sun., May 29, 7 p.m., 2011

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