Tedeschi Trucks Band

They’ve have toured together, appeared on each others’ albums, and made babies together for a decade, but Grammy-winning slide guitarists Derek Trucks and his Grammy-nominated, blues-singing wife, Susan Tedeschi, but Revelator (out June 7) marks the first time they could get their label/lawyer situation worked out to make proper a record together. Sadly, rather than bring Tedeschi’s voice to the experiment, jam-oriented jazz/rock that Trucks is a master of, Revelator sways far into the adult-friendly territory Tedeschi is known to work in. Revelator is full of the kind of timid blues tempered with safe funk that’s standard issue at municipal summer barbecues. It feels calculated, and self-aware, and is almost unrecognizable alongside the memories of the days when the pair would turn a small-market bar and Curtis Mayfield covers into a tent revival. CHRIS KORNELIS

Thu., May 26, 7:30 p.m., 2011

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