Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Between the chuckle-inducing name and the propensity toward wearing NASCAR jumpsuits, it would be easy to dismiss Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. as showy, flash-in-the-pan hucksters. A few spins of the band's upcoming album, It's a Corporate World, showcase that sense of humor but balance it with a glowing sincerity and meticulous attention to songwriting craft and expansive production. Borrowing the glistening, layered vocals of Brian Wilson, grinding, soulful beats from their hometown Motown archives, and some of the digital glitches and whirs of Detroit's electronic scene, Dale Jr. Jr. have created a sound that is classic yet post-millennial. Warm moments of organic bliss and gently immediate hooks balance delicately atop icy digital pulses as the band corral the best of the analog and digital worlds into a logo-encrusted, ethanol-tinged package. All gimmicks aside, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. are on the fast track to becoming new millennium pop visionaries. With EMA. GREGORY FRANKLIN

Tue., June 7, 8:30 p.m., 2011

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