Sazerac Happy Hour

Sazerac is the Southern-themed bar and restaurant next to the über-trendy Hotel Monaco. Its celebrity sightings have included Adam Lambert, Fergie, and Sean Penn in an intense discussion with Eddie Vedder. But it’s the Monday-Saturday happy hour, not the potential for A-list encounters, that draws so many downtown drinkers after work (in addition to hotel patrons). The house wine and beer list drops to $3. Chow priced at $4 and under includes gussied-up comfort food like mini pulled-pork sandwiches and sweet-potato fries with sea salt. Despite such appealing prices, Sazerac is not the sort of place where you order several rounds and get hammered in a hurry. It’s classy yet cozy, adorned with a brick bar, chandeliers, and velvet drapes. The servers, however, manifest true Southern hospitality and pour generously, meaning you should enjoy, tip well, but proceed with caution. (21 and over.) ERIKA HOBART

Mondays-Saturdays, 4-7 p.m., 2011

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