The Wombats

Three years ago, The Wombats were the plucky indie-pop trio with a garage-rock energy that propelled them into the international eye—and got me looking for the first cheap ticket to Liverpool. But after a backbreaking, nonstop 18-month tour stint, the band’s darker energy landed them a more refined, semi-jaded sound with a synth-heavy New Wave sensibility that sees keys taking the melodic lead over guitar. Never fear—they haven’t abandoned the penchant for catchiness, danceability and shouted choruses that made “Kill The Director” and “Let’s Dance to Joy Division” hits. Throwing a bit of electro and grunge influence into their sound might seem like a clusterfuck, but complexity isn't their aim, and the result is as enjoyably simple as one could imagine they set out for it to be. With Wild Party. NICK FELDMAN

Sat., June 4, 8 p.m., 2011

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