Cage The Elephant

Riding on the success of its 2008 self-titled album, Cage The Elephant spent two years in England formulating more than 80 ideas for songs—then scrapped them all. The band, featuring singer Matt Shultz, guitarist Brad Shultz, guitarist Lincoln Parisn, bassist Daniel Tichenor and drummer Jared Champion, flickered about in a tail-spin, going so far as to roll around in the leaves and smell dirt for a burst of creativity. The answer finally came when the five-piece secluded themselves in a rural Kentucky cabin, whipping out the 12 songs that would eventually become Thank You Happy Birthday, released in January. The first two singles, "Shake Me Down" and "Around My Head," restore the band as forerunners in the garage-rock revival, with shards of bluesy punk and angsty, alternative rock accenting their notoriously wild live shows. With Manchester Orchestra, Sleeper Agent. JOE WILLIAMS

Thu., June 9, 7 p.m., 2011

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