Jack & Cash

Just over a year ago a UW student going by the name of Jack The Ripper dropped his debut producer record, graced by some of Seattle’s best MCs. Now relocated to the Bay Area, he’s come together with more-than-capable local MC Cash Clepto to release their radio-friendly Cloud Music EP. The duo’s put most of its initial weight behind debut single “Friday Night”—thankfully not a Rebecca Black remix, but a track that could be (and has been) mistaken for the latest single from Mike Posner,thanks to the club-friendly bass line and Walsh’s half-whispered vocals. Cloud Music promises more of the same—not wholly original, but plenty enjoyable for lovers of pop-rap sensibilities. With Neema, Havi Blaze, Notion. NICK FELDMAN

Fri., June 10, 8 p.m., 2011

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