The Builders and The Butchers

It seems that any conversation about the Builders and the Butchers invariably starts with the Decemberists. And indeed, the similarities are striking: both bands hail from the same city (Portland), have the same amount of members (five) and play similar brands of hyper-articulate indie folk. And while singer/guitarist Ryan Sollee can’t come close to approaching Colin Meloy’s verbosity, he more than recalls the Decemberists’ frontman with his nasally, earnest vocals. On stage, however, the difference between the two groups is a little more obvious. While Decemberists shows are relatively reserved and buttoned-up, the Builders and the Butchers aren’t afraid to let loose. Hopefully their songs from this year’s overlooked Dead Reckoning will receive a nice infusion of energy at tonight's Noise For the Needy benefit. With Ravenna Woods, Yuni in Taxco. ANDREW GOSPE

Fri., June 10, 9:30 p.m., 2011

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