Pike Place Fashion Show

The do's and don'ts of market clothes-shopping.

They're loud. They're gaudy. And they're everywhere during summer tourist season. Beware the crappy city-specific merchandise. For whatever reason, travelers love to pick up crew-neck T-shirts or billowing sweaters emblazoned with localized slogans. ("Virginia Is for Lovers," for example. Or, the worst offender, "Everything's Bigger in Texas.") Seattle is not immune to this fashion scourge—if you're seeking classic tourist wear, Pike Place Market has more than a few gift shops willing to sell you a "Got Rain?" T or some Sleepless in Seattle and Nirvana gear. (And it doesn't stop with T-shirts. Key rings, tote bags, hats—kitschy crap comes in all kinds of nauseating flavors.) Luckily, Pike Place also has cuter and classier options. No, really—the market is practically bursting with shops and booths featuring local artisans who specialize in unique apparel, jewelry, and accessories. With handmade leather belts, custom-dyed skirts and dresses, and organic cotton Ts available, it actually is possible to purchase a stylish top-to-bottom outfit here, even one that doesn't feature a silhouette of Mt. Rainier. ethompson@seattleweekly.com

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