Summer Guide 2011

What to do (and not to do) in the city this summer.

On June 30, the Washington State Office of Tourism will shut its doors, making it but the latest victim of Great Recession budget cuts. Some might say good riddance, arguing that the government has no business in the tourism industry. We wouldn't say the same. Disastrous sloganeering aside (remember "Say WA"?), in our current economic doldrums there's never been a more important time for this state, and this city in particular, to sell itself. Which is why we're picking up the slack. So behold, for beyond this page is your guide— whether you be tourist or longtime local—to what to do (and what not to do) in Seattle this summer.Summer Guide 2011Pike Place Fashion Show: The do's and don'ts of market clothes-shopping.Ask the Experts: What Seattle's tourist wranglers know, and don't know, about the city.The Waterfront Streetcar's Second Run: A tourist-friendly transportation alternative is primed for a resurrection.Eric Smiley - Seattle's Couch Surfing Ambassador: The city's host with the most on how he got his start in ad hoc hospitality.Seattle's Top Three Food Tours: What our new critic learned on her culinary circuit.Seattle's Best Bars for Tourists: A quick guide for drinkers far from home.An Open Letter to the Seattle Business Traveler: On whether to get hammered at the hotel bar or brave an unfamiliar world.Bright Lights, Sky City: The Space Needle's rotating restaurant has never been about food.Seattle's Best Art for Out-of-Towners: How to make the accessible enjoyable for your guests.Our Summer Guide Calendar: Music! Art! Food! Sports! Unnecessary Exclamation Points! And More!   Photos by Joshua Huston Styling by Heather Burgess

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