The Fading Collection

Despite a five-year break at the end of the last decade, Seattle trip-pop duo The Fading Collection have a firm grasp on their downtempo brand of electronica. Amped up by driving, distorted synths and crashing percussion as the concert lineup expands to five, vocalist Sarah McGuinn’s filtered vocals and Matt Frickelton’s chaotic programming drones and pops at just the right moments—and crisscrossed the city before making its way to MTV programs like The Real World. They’re joined by the dark and airy melodies of San Francisco’s Rebecca and Ryan Coseboom, a duo rightfully embraced by the likes of KEXP both when they went by Halou and now that they’re known as Stripmall Architecture. With Sex Panther. NICK FELDMAN

Thu., June 16, 8 p.m., 2011

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