Eatside: Just Shnoo It

'Tis the season for frozen yogurt in Renton.

Just when we were ready to throw a flaming bag of poo at summer's door in protest of its belated arrival, a weekend of Seattle's finest weather comes through—not a moment too soon for sun worshippers everywhere in the Northwest. Now all anyone can think about is frying their alabaster skin like a Maine lobster and choking back their tears of happiness with gallons of ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt. That means that for Eastsiders, a trip to Shnoo to lick up the best low-cal, low-temp treat is now fully legit. Shnoo has stores in downtown Bellevue and at The Landing in Renton. At the latter, four flavors are on tap right now: original (not vanilla, but a delightfully tangy and refreshing yogurt flavor), mango, mixed berry, and strawberry. What makes this fro-yo great isn't just that it's good for digestive health or stands in for its high-calorie cousin, ice cream. It thrives because the flavors are so bright and true, without the slightest chalkiness or pastiness. The only thing lacking on the menu was a treat for chocoholics. With only fruit flavors available at the moment, those who worship the cacao gods will have to settle (if you can even call it that) for dousing one of the existing flavors with brownie chunks, chocolate sauce, or white chocolate chips—in fairness, not bad consolation prizes. With more than 10 toppings, including fresh fruit, nibs of various sweets, and a host of cereals, no one leaves empty-handed. The best combination I've found, by far, is mango fro-yo topped with fresh mango chunks and mochi bites. That's right: Tiny nuggets of Asia's finest dessert grace the peaks of mango mountains with a subtle coconut flavor, pairing impeccably with the fruit. Those who are really cracking down for the five swimsuit-worthy days that'll arrive in August can get their Shnoo in a cup. If calories aren't a factor, then definitely try a Japanese-style crepe as a yogurt wrapper. Flavors change frequently, so there's always an excuse to go back. Not that you need one.

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