Britney Spears

Say what you will about her troubled past and bad hair extensions, but thirteen years into her career, Britney Spears is still capable of making good decisions. Witness Femme Fatale, Spears’ seventh studio album—it’s both her most solid and most adventurous collection of material to date. In it, Spears collaborates with the songwriters and producers responsible for some of her most memorable hits—Bloodshy & Avant, the ubiquitous Max Martin and Dr. Luke—but appears to have finally left bubblegum pop behind, instead firmly focusing on the aggressive and mature club-bangers first hinted at in 2007’s Blackout. Femme Fatale is dynamic, catchy as hell, and wildly creative—there isn’t a bad song on the album. And Spears is ever the consummate, hard-working professional—her last tour in 2009 was a massive global success, and reviews for her flashy current outing are raving about her energized performance, as well as her brilliant choice of opener, the fabulous and indubitably talented Nicki Minaj. With Jessie and the Toy Boys, Nervo. ERIN K. THOMPSON

Wed., June 29, 7 p.m., 2011

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