They Hang Together

A quick introduction to 14 more featured artists.

What will be showing at Artopia? What can you buy? And where else can you see these artists' work? Let's meet these talented locals, from B to W. Chris Buening uses acrylic and spray paint, cut paper, and even Wite-Out correction fluid to create paintings, sculptures, and works—most, he says, with semi-autobiographical elements, some "uncomfortable or embarrassing." Celeste Cooning hand-cuts paper to create intricate patterns with a delicate, lace-like appearance. At Artopia, she'll be hanging an installation with ornamental and organic shapes. Ryan Elizabeth Feddersen has created an installation of giant razor blades—10 times their normal size! Touch them at your own peril. Julia Freeman will create an interactive piece using hand-painted floral wallpaper applied to the walls of a circular gallery. She'll also display some of her bright, colorful mixed-media collages, seen last month at 4Culture. Alan Hurley creates colorful, geometric acrylic paintings on Masonite, most depicting animals and other creatures, though not the kind you'd see in a zoo. Shaun Kardinal recently came across a camera catalog from the '70s with old NASA photos of the lunar landings. Now he's hand-embroidered almost the entire catalog in Many Moons. Katherine Leipper will display a large LED cube and, separately, project text on the walls to act as "generative code simulation." Are the words random or predetermined? You'll have to see for yourself. Shaun Levra is a filmmaker, so we expect he'll show a movie or video. But we could be wrong. Justin Lytle will partner with Ian Toms (below) to incorporate the bar, visitors, and surrounding Artopia hubbub into an interactive event/performance. Ryan O'Neill has created a one-of-a-kind bench for Artopia, using vintage wooden dining chairs. The piece is fully functional, but please don't sit on the art. Chrissy Regan is a photographer, recently relocated from California, who'll be "projecting a series of photographs inspired by disorientation." Ian Toms will, with Justin Lytle (above), spoof the entire idea of a nightclub setting. Sylwia Tur uses porcelain and mixed media in her wall installations to explore language, architecture, and design. Allyce Wood's First Glimpse is currently on display at SAM Gallery. It's a large diorama of a cougar in a forest, inspired by a childhood story, rendered in wood, paper, and silkscreen.

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