Dual Nature

This small collection of glass and jewelry objects includes work from Eunsuh Choi, Ron Ho, Masami Koda, Vina Rust, Midori Saito, Jeff Sarmiento, Boyd Sugiki, and Cynthia Toops. Most pieces are small and delicate; and few are actually meant to be worn. The small scale makes Sarmiento's pieces look almost like architectural models. A Chicagoan of Filipino heritage, who trained at Pilchuck, he uses etched and water-cut glass to render trusses, grids, lattices, spans, facades, and other shapes you'd find on a construction site. Anything but fragile, his bas-relief slabs suggest strength and tensile endurance. They have a Richard Serra quality--sometimes somber and memorial (Maya Lin also comes to mind). You'd like to see them blown up to a more massive scale, where the glass would become the building material. But for now they remain only suggestions, like bits of a blueprint to a forgotten skyscraper design. It's desktop architecture, evocative for being unbuilt. BRIAN MILLER

Tuesdays-Sundays, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Starts: May 13. Continues through Jan. 15, 2011

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