Slack Fest 2011

Slack Fest, the overnight festival in Stanwood celebrating the lifestyle of KEXP’s Swinging Doors host Don Slack, returns this year after a brief hiatus. The Slack lifestyle includes a steady diet of American rock ‘n’ roll (My Goodness, Moondoggies, Petty cover band American Girls, etc.), cheap beer, and an optimistic radio voice. For those going for the true replication, Slack tells us his fridge is currently home to a collection of bottles and cans of Pabst, Rainier, Dogfish IPA, “And I think there's some summer ale.” As for the essential items festival-goers shouldn’t forget, Slack says it’s simple: “Well, you need a tent, sleeping bag, and some warm clothing, and perhaps a flask, for some internal warmth.” Easy enough, boss. With The Moondoggies, The Maldives, Whalebones, The American Girls, The Golden Blondes, My Goodness, Joseph Giant, Jack Wilson. CHRIS KORNELIS

Sat., July 9, 10 a.m., 2011

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